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Vlog #17: November & December 2018

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The Wiz

There's always a good deal of excitement that comes with a new horse, especially in a schooling barn. Add to that the fact that my trainer has loads of friends on the A circuit who like to retire their horses into her lesson program. But then there's also a good deal of anxiety because a) I'm me and b) I saw the corkscrew bit before I saw the horse and also c) I'm me . So yes, very exciting but also slightly terrifying. But then, I saw THAT FACE, and who can resist an actual unicorn? This is Wizard a.k.a. The Wiz a.k.a. Wiz Kid a.k.a. Harry Potter a.k.a any other ridiculous nickname I can come up with before his owner thinks I'm weird and takes him back. He's a something warmblood that's done a bunch of amateur owner things on the A circuit. Very steady, very reliable, a real good boy. Laid back enough that I tacked him up in the stall without tying him. But, again, the anxiety set in the moment I went to mount up. Now, here's where I realized