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Wild Wild West

Since graduating and entering the ACE industry full time, a lot of the "fun" has disappeared from architecture. That's not to say that I don't enjoy the projects I work on. Trust me, I get to work on some fun projects with awesome clients. However, the really fun projects often don't appear unless you find a client with, uhhh, really fun money, if that makes sense. Even my wealthiest clients often have sticker shock. To quell my disappointment with capitalism, I decided to swing back to my roots and get into designing horse barns again. This time though, I'm more invested in taking an environmentally friendly approach to it. And especially after dealing with some horrible design decisions at my last barn, passive cooling has been a huge focus for me. Like . . . . . you can't fix bad design with chicken fans, lmao. You also save a significant amount of money (upfront and/or long-term) when you design to the environment you're in. So this is the beginn

Wordless Wednesday: Redhead Farewell

  Author's Note: This endearing moment was before she refused to get on the truck.

Scorched Earth

So, where do I begin . . . Life updates: I'm still depressed. Not as bad as a few months ago, but I'm, like, genuinely having a quarter-life crisis, and I wish I was joking. I moved to my very first apartment on my own to be closer to my job. I'm trying to find a new job. I'm applying to Ph.D. programs, and Los Angeles is at the top of my list. My sister made me install Grammarly and suddenly I feel a lot less confident about all 500+ ramblings that I have forced y'all to read over the last several years. I left my barn. After my last welcome back post, I did end up having a conversation with my trainer. It only made things worse. I got caught between my trainer and Satin's owner, and at first, it seemed that they just did not understand each other and could not get on the same page. Which is fair, and makes sense due to the emotional weight of the vet findings. As things unraveled, it became clear that my trainer was not honest about her knowledge of the situat