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Have it both ways

Over the past few years, I've enjoyed posting something in "celebration" of Mental Health Awareness Month. It's always a good check in for myself, and I hope that it's a nice check in for readers as well. The plan for this year was to write about my experience with trichotillomania . However, the topic is a bit raw, and it would probably add more distress to my current situation. So things are staying light and a little vague this year but still touching on something that's been on my mind for a while. There seems to be a contradiction when discussing human emotions and when they are allowed to manifest relative to horses. On the one hand, horses are pretty commonly viewed as an emotional outlet for a number of equestrians regardless of discipline or competition level. Out of every shoddy coping mechanism I've ever had, riding has been the most engaging, enjoyable, and fairly consistent. Not to mention, it's rarely been harmful. As I've gotten ol

Keep the calculators handy

So, it's Mental Health Awareness Month! And boy, oh, boy am I very aware of my mental health right now. I took a break from riding and blogging and vlogging because things crashed down on me very quickly. Thesis took a lot of my energy and was compounded with some issues at work. I ended up pushing my presentation back because I emotionally could not get through it. Honestly? Two days of not doing anything, uhh, helped. A lot. I hate presenting virtually, but some last minute creativity actually made the presentation very easy, and I was happy with the feedback. For now, everything has been completed in order for me to get a grade, but there are some little things that I'll keep working on over the next month or so. I want to give both of my advisors a solid copy to keep for their own CVs. On that note, my non-architecture advisor is super in support of doing a PhD in a different field, which completely shifts what my options are moving forward. More on that when it actually ha

Wordless Wednesday: Jack of all trades, Master of one