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Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god; I had my lesson last night and Baby was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Oh my god, I can't even, I am just physically unable to even . . . -PLEASE EXCUSE ME WHILE I CALM DOWN- Okay, so, now that I am sane, I had an amazing lesson on Baby yesterday evening. We had two perfect lead changes in a row, and I jumped 2'3". I can't believe how good she was, for the most part at least. The start of the lesson was rough. She was being "passive aggressive"; she didn't want to move forward, and, when she finally started going, it was a slow go and I was not having that, no. So I finally get her going at a good pace and then we go to canter and she just freaks out. Picks it up nicely and then just starts booking it. I had to circle her so many times both ways. Then, we go to jump, and now she is really revved up. We were doing trot overs and all she could think was, "CANTER! CANTER! CANTER!" Circles, again, and I was doing my b

And then they said, "Put crystals on it!"

Oh. My. God. You have got to be kidding me. Horze, you make me sad; you make me so very sad. Backstory: I was just browsing my Pinterest the other day, ya know, pinning stuff for 12 hours straight. I go to my feed and lo and behold, a pair of half chaps shows up, but they weren't just any half chaps. Chicks Saddlery had pinned a pair of black, Horze, 100% leather half chaps with, wait for it, CRYSTAL ACCENTS! For the love of all that is holy and financially gifted, why Chicks? Why???? They're only $65 at Chicks and $75 directly from Horze. I want them, I want them so bad, but I just don't have $65 plus shipping to spend, and I'd have to get a pair of paddock boots to wear with the chaps. Humph, this isn't fair. Maybe I should sell rocks for money. People like rocks, don't they? Look at them. They're fabulous! Anyway, the point of this post is that, after finding those half chaps, I decided to finally start putting together outfits for equestrians

Rest in peace, Lacey Jamieson

The equestrian world was devastated this past weekend with the passing of Lacey Jamieson, a 16 year old avid horse girl with a true passion and a knack for knowing how to deal with the hot ones. She was famous all over Instagram, and it seems that her death has hit many people hard. If I'm being entirely honest, I was not inspired by her. I had no emotional connection to her, and, frankly, I think her riding needed some work, but she was a good kid, no doubt. You could just look at her, watch her, and you knew that there was someone special right in front of you. She didn't have to be a millionaire or invent some awesome product to have an impact. She is forever in the hearts of tens of thousands of horse people around the world, and I literally mean around the world. I am of the impression that she didn't miss out. Even for someone who passed so young, it was obvious that she lived her life the way that life is meant to be lived. She went through the ups, and she we