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I guess I don't need stirrups

Yeah, the majority of the last lesson was done sans stirrups. I guess I was kind of happy about it because I've yet to use a saddle with flex stirrups, which I've grown used to over the past two months. Perhaps I should carry a pair with me to every barn. It was "Naughty Pony Day", which is pretty much self explanatory. Everyone gets on a pony, and we switch multiple times. I started out on Pixel, who had to be tacked up in the stall, and we had a number of disagreements regarding that. He has a really smooth stride, pretty fancy too. He's a bit green and new to the barn, so Coach S just had me keep it simple. The only big thing we tried was bending, and we all know how I do with bending. I guess the big thing was keeping him moving forward cause he broke quite a few times. Fortunately his transitions are on point. Curious pon I switched onto Rain, tiny pinto jumper pony. She has little pony strides when she flats, but she can get speedy, so I kind of frea

Fashion Thursday: Lecture to Lesson 9/23/15

Yes, yesterday's outfit included copious amounts of gummy worms, and today's outfit is about to as well. Lecture: 1. Longshanks Polo Shirt in Coral 2. Pull&Bear Skinny Jeans 3. Keds Flats 4. Barneys New York Trouser Belt Lesson: 1. Longshanks Polo Shirt in Coral 2. Barney's New York Trouser Belt 3. Ariat Heritage III Paddock Boot 4. Ovation Sync Helmet 5. Horze Crystal Half Chaps     discontinued 6. Harry's Horse Rimini Breeches And if you really wanna have the complete outfit, you can buy this 4.5 pound bag of gummy worms .

Another Romeo

I'd say I'm in love, but I know how the play ends. I would have posted on Wednesday had I not be swamped with homework (read: math is killing me). The past couple of days have been particularly tedious, but the weekend will be open for the most part. I appreciate the break. Couldn't be bothered to use actual paper I drove up with Dia, Kal, and Car (seriously these nicknames are getting difficult). It was an interesting drive to say the least, mainly because I put on the Mulan soundtrack. Gotta be swift as a coursing river to ride a horse, amirite? I started out on another pony named Leia. Darn these short legs. She was a sweety though and through with a pretty soft mouth. We started out great, but too much hand in a downward transition thoroughly pissed her off, and I was not forgiven. We did get to ride outside, which was nice. We warmed up by trotting around the grass on the outside of the arena. We stayed in a nice line, one behind the other, Leia getting a bit

Fashion Thursday: Navy Blue is the New Fall Hue

It goes great with browns and tans and rusts, therefore I highly recommend it if you've given your life away to this fashion thing like I have. 1. Fair Isle Striped Sweater     sold out 2. Joules Checked Wax Jacket     sold out 3. Liu Jo Lightweight Scarf 4. Pikeur Jasha Breech     no longer available 5. De Niro Ramses Slangenprint

I'm alive, barely, but alive

Forgot to post about the eq team meeting, but it happened on Sunday. They seem to be a fun bunch, but they put an emphasis on being social which I'm just like ????? How do socialize? Unfortunately, they had to get the ball rolling for lessons, so I had mine today. I was first put on a fat Haflinger named Twinkles. Pretty typical pony mare, quite fat and quite sassy and quite fat. I must say, I love a wide load. Much easier to sit on. The most nerve racking part is getting into the barn's routine and finding out where everything is. Once I had that down, it was smooth sailing . . . kinda. Started out just walking around, again having a fit over stirrup length with leathers that didn't match each other. Honestly, I'll keep a short stirrup. My leg stays in place. Twinkles is a simple ride. The trainer, Coach S (I'm running out of letters, guys), said, "It doesn't bend". That is now my challenge for the year: make Twinkles bend. Trot was easy, a