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Four Years of IHSA

It was much harder to close this chapter of my life than I thought it would be. I cried at formal, and it was a drunken cry, so you know it was real. I don't wanna make myself sob while writing this post, so here's a four year highlight reel. September 2015 I had my very first lesson with the team on the infamous Twinkles. I remember trying very hard to impress Coach S, and she simply told me, "It doesn't bend." It still does not bend, but there is no other Haflinger that will be as iconic as Twinkie. October 2015 I had my first full lesson on Vic. Fun fact, the first time I ever saw Vic in person was when I confused Jacob Pope for a 30 year old man . Of course, I really wanted to ride him. Honestly, I hate how I initially wrote about that lesson because I only remember it fondly. Yeah, Vic is a difficult horse for me, and we never clicked, but that was a damn good ride. He will never not be an absolute beast November 2015 I went to WIHS for the

Goals Check In

Here's where we stand with June/July goals. Go to a show By some freak of nature, this managed to happen. I'm so so so happy that God made me ambitious and a push over. I think Doris and I made a good team Get into a doable fitness routine The key word here is "doable" because I can't really do much. Between preparing for a move, then moving, then not knowing how the new gym works, I've been sticking mainly to running. I haven't been in a serious routine since the end of last year. Even the simplest of workouts leaves me incredibly sore. I just work around the sore days and go when I'm not in pain. Prior to the move, I could go a full 2mi on hilly terrain without any breaks. After moving, that's proven pretty difficult, and I've been taking at least one break in the middle of my run. My most recent run. Not sure what that huge dip in pace is all about. If anything, my diet has required much bigger adjustments. I won't see


Alright, so, lemme lay down the facts one more time: I only rode 3 times this past summer One of those times was the morning of the show I woke up that morning fully intended not to show I am easily convinced to do just about anything Okay, are we good? Are we all on the same page? Cool. Summer, who genuinely does not care about anything these days I would like to shout out Lizzie for being an absolute gem the whole day. Not only did she pick me up from the metro, she also gave me boots (because I sent mine home), a helmet (which I also sent home), a shirt to show in, paid for all my food throughout the day, and gave me some much needed time with my favorite pooch, Moose. The unofficial graduation pictures Since I rode Dori for my lesson, Coach S said I could just ride her again for the show. It was four classes total broken down into two speed rounds and two power & speed rounds. Y'all, we had POWER, we had speed , we're still finding control , but

Vlog #22: My First Jumper Show

Some day I'll learn to half halt Better Days by LAKEY INSPIRED