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Product Review: Padded Ponies Shimmable Half Pad

This was supposed to be posted a while ago when I got my new Horze riser half pad, but I guess I forgot to ever hit publish . . . oh well, better late than never. I've had my Padded Ponies correction half pad for over four years now, so it's safe to say this is a well informed review. Padded Ponies Half Pad with Shims My saddle was purchased while I was still in undergrad and riding with the IHSA team. I knew that I wanted to get an adjustable half pad to have more flexibility. At the time, I was just getting into  Etsy  and the growing number of small equestrian businesses that rely on the platform. My stirrup irons are also from an Etsy shop as well as my half chap monograms . Many shops sell Ogilvy dupes, but I've never been a fan of memory foam nor do I aesthetically like the pads. Padded Ponies was the only shop at the time that had a traditional looking half pad with pockets for shims. Match made in heaven! After three and a half years of service, this pad has

Jumping Jack

Now that Blackjack has a respectable level of fitness, Trainer G is getting him going again over fences. Like I said before, things have been a little on and off due to the weather and with both lessors being back in school. That being said, Blackjack has really enjoyed doing up downer lessons. I was supposed to have this lesson on September 26, but a full torrential downpour left the ride cancelled. Okay, I need to digress for a moment. Weather on the East Coast is far from tolerable; I've lived here my entire life. I know the drill. Florida, however? Batshit. Fully insane. At least in Maryland when we get the regular 2pm, out of nowhere thunder storm, it happens, then it's over, and it drains in a reasonable amount of time. When I tell you, if it is damn near a hurricane in Miami, it is fully a completely different weather situation once you go 10 miles in any direction. Not to mention, when it rains, it pours . And this year is even more inconvenient then last year. Long sto

Virgo Season

I would make a legitimate goals post, but considering the circumstances, it's kind of not worth it lol. I've just started coming out of a sudden slump that was more frustrating than expected. It wasn't until a couple days ago that I remembered it's Virgo season. I'm always on a high during Leo season, but once August starts to fade away, my mood takes a sharp dip and is very slow to recover. Out of all of my annual mood fluctuations, this one has been the most consistent . . . and somehow, I still forgot after this many years, ha! Safe to say I'm feeling a lot less frustrated and a whole lot more motivated than I was even a week ago. And do you know what more motivation means??? More time for questionable graphic design! I had a lesson on Blackjack a couple days ago, which I promise to write about. It gave me a lot more clarity and focus moving forward with him. The last month has been a little on and off for everyone, so his fitness isn't 100% yet. The rai