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(Still) Learning To Let Go

What do you do when your trainer is sick with a 102* fever and lessons are cancelled for the week? Take an obscene number of pictures of course. This is his "I gave you one clean lead change today, now leave me alone" face. Yeah, Coach S was bed ridden all of last week. Usually when lessons are cancelled, we just get to do a make-up lesson before the end of the semester, but we had an upcoming show, so she gave us the option to do a practice ride. One of the girls in my lesson has been on edge about Regionals and wanted to ride, so three of our usual seven person lesson ended up going. Gonna be honest, I did two practice rides last semester, but both were cut short. During the first one, my horse was at the back of a big ass field and proceeded to charge me when I went to get her. During the second one, we spent approximately 30 minutes reminiscing with Coach S about her wild life story. Needless to say, it's been a while since I've had to get on a horse san

Gotcha! with Marie Kondo

Just to be clear, I had my spur of the moment room de-clutter two summers ago in 2017 when I was experiencing my first quarter life crisis. Since then, I've accumulated . . . . more things. I write this as I'm one day into my second quarter life crisis; one entire dresser is already cleared out. It would be two dressers except I have one drawer that's entirely riding clothing. Nevermind the bridle that’s sat dormant in my closet for four years. Let’s not even talk about my basket of mostly unused saddle pads. In my defense, I collect breeches as a form of self care . Remember when I rode in jeans? Y'all wanna go back to this? Truthfully, I haven’t accumulated that much stuff, it’s just that I don’t use these things as much as I used to. What I like about the method is the part where you give thanks to items that you plan to get rid of. It does feel weird to part with things that I genuinely bought with good intentions, like my 2 for $22 baby pads that I purchased

Vlog #18: February 2019

Boring month, tbh Song: Sushi by Lu Kang feat. Lord Slugg, Flowerchile & Kuljon