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Outdoor Recreational Activities

Quarantine has made a minimal change in my routine for the past few weeks. I'm already a sedentary person and tend to spend most if not all of my free time at home, in my room, completely away from society. My job (though non-essential) does not yet have the ability to let me work from home, plus our IT guy has been elusive as of late. Outside of work though? Nothing in my life requires me to leave the house at the moment. And on god, I am losing my damn mind. See, my "sedentary" lifestyle is more of a bug than a feature. I thrive off of having a set schedule with obligations that have consequences when ignored. Issue is . . . I need other people to establish those consequences. I'm so friggen bored and exhausted sitting in my house and felt another wave of depression coming on until my body just flipped a switch and refused to let that happen. You wanna know what I did this morning? Woke up at a reasonable time, brushed my teeth, laid down again to answer som

Fear, Stress, & Anxiety

This year, I ended up with 12 goals to work on by accident but decided it would be cool to write about one of them each month. Well, it's March. And I have written about none. Love these habits of mine. In my defense, I did talk about this topic in a vlog that I have yet to post or edit at all . These three items are a recurring theme on my blog. Partially because I was an angsty teenager while writing the majority of these posts. Also caused because I'm a wuss. The majority of my fears started when I was learning how to canter. One too many jumping accidents also threatened my progress. Ever since my last attempt at a medal course, my brain has been fully in self preservation mode. It took an effort to really feel comfortable approaching a 2'-0" fence. Remember when Music cantered quietly through a four stride line and I almost cried? Cause that's still a very clear feeling that I can never forget. Miss this chunky wench I've been very slow wit

University of Pheonix

Seems we're off to an interesting start in 2020. After two weeks of an intense design competition, several more weeks of playing catch up in my other classes, an emotional mid term presentation, very little riding time, and an entire paper written within three hours, classes will now be online for the rest of the semester. I have no idea how (or if) this is going to work. Good thing that ain't my job! Ok, but seriously, this semester has been a whirlwind, and I hadn't seen much of Lucie until this week since we are currently on spring break. We also got new footing in the arena! Which means my dry footed Thoroughbred will no longer have to deal with stepping on rocks! It still needs to be spread out though, so I took that as a sign that we should take on the trails in the neighborhood. she luv durt Too bad Lucie . . . does not like trails. She's generally level headed with a couple of hot moments. Ya know, like a normal horse. She could never be classified as