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A Show Day

This weekend has been a long one. Friday preparation and Saturday and Sunday showing all day long; I'm beat. My shoulders are sore from some heavy lifting, and my finger is sore from heavy clicking. Playing photographer all weekend has taken it's toll. It's a different feeling not to show. No early morning rides, no memorizing courses, no ribbon collecting, no having to smile all around the ring; it feels great! Haha! I love to show, and I know I'll be doing it a lot more often in the future, but to sit back and enjoy for once feels pretty nice. It's like trail riding after a long ride in the arena. It feels good. Unfortunately, my day was ruined by the ever present, stuck up, cocky, and/or unhumble (is that even a word?) riders. Please, for your own sake, take every ribbon you get with a smile on your face. Pat your horse after every class and after every round. No one gets first place all the time, and those who do are in for a disaster when they get someth

Guess who rode a pretty pony today?

Yup, I did! There's a show tomorrow, but since I haven't ridden in a while I decided not to compete. It's a 2 day show, and Duke is being used both days, so I didn't want to wear him out with unnecessary extra riding. I rode my pretty pony Molly instead. She was just a doll, slight attitude, but a doll nonetheless! My legs are aching from such little riding over the past month and a half or so. All I wanted to do was walk and trot. Last time I rode her I fell off trotting over some ground poles, so my confidence on her is still basically nonexistent besides walk and rising trot. Even my sitting trot is a battle. I ride in the advanced lesson which has a lot of jumping. Walk, trot, and canter aren't a challenge, so I felt a bit out of place today. We started with a nice walk around the big ring. She was perfectly fine. We picked up a trot 3/4 of the way through, and then fell into the group circle. We just had a storm too, so the low spots were flooded. Molly wasn&

Welcome to my blog!

Allow me to formally welcome you to my blog. A little bit about me, I am an avid equestrian living in the great United States. My goal is to become an Olympic show jumper, but I am quite a ways away from that right now. I am a member of the Chesapeake Pony Club, but I ride more often with another trainer. Horses have been my life since I was born, despite the fact that I started riding at 13 years old. I have always love those hairy, half-ton poop machines, and being able to work with and ride them is very rewarding. At my main barn, I am smitten with a dun pony named Molly. She was an abuse case, and can be a bit untrusting at first, but is a doll once she warms up to you. She's got a bit of an attitude (Hancock blood), but it just adds to the many reasons why I love her. Molly has been green for quite a while now, and that is part of the reason why I don't ride her anymore. I am a nervous rider, and it didn't benefit either of us. I still long to ride and show her again