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Things got a little bit too real this week. Both my IEA barn and my IHSA barn are struggling at the moment. They rely on regular lessons in order to stay operating. If you have anything to spare, it would be greatly appreciated. IEA Barn Fundraiser IHSA Barn Fundraiser And for anyone who needs it, I have a Horze coupon that I am definitely not going to use. It's MOBILE20 for $20 off a $100+ purchase. These places have so many good memories for me

Half Pads, The Proverbial Dead Horse

Trust me, I know this topic has been hashed out numerous times in this field, but, this is my little corner to speak on things. Thus, I will speak. Only photo I have of the set up: Moritz CC Saddle, Padded Ponies Correction Pad, & whatever square pad is mostly likely to piss my trainer off. One of the things that struck me when I tried Lucie is how well my saddle fit her on the first go. I genuinely took it as a sign that she was the one. Plus, I injured my knee merely days after meeting her and was too crippled to try other horses. Nevertheless, we're here now. As time progressed, her sweat marks were not coming out quite how I want. When I bought my saddle, I also purchased a correction pad from Padded Ponies. Initially, my saddle sat fine with the foam shim plus a Mattes shim in the front. My guess is that whatever body changes have happened over the past couple of months have grown a need for a change. I won't even begin to say that I'm an expert on saddle fit

The Corona Effect

Life changes I've made since the start of quarantine: Making my bed most mornings Going on socially distanced walks Drinking water Drinking blueberry infused water Cooking my own food sometimes Organizing my room daily Actually writing posts on here Actually working out My mile time is getting to under 9 minutes?? Who??? How??? Some photos from my socially distanced walks :)

Vlog #26: Quarantine Quarter

From the beginning of the year, feeling stressed but not yet quarantine stressed.

Q1 Goal Review

Now that we've hit April, it's time for The Accountability Hour. Do more than the bare minimum to take care of my body As you can guess by my insane list, my self care has improved dramatically since the quarantine. I'm eating more and more often, and I'm starting to work out about every other day. It's pretty sweet! Still a ways to go, but not bad for the time being. I really want to start putting on muscle again, mainly in my arms, back, quads, and hamstrings. Improve body control Not gonna lie, I'm not sure what I was referring to when I put this goal down, but I think it has to do with my physical strength. Working out helps, as does riding regularly. My position during transitions has always been a weak spot. Downwards are feeling great at the moment, but the up transition, especially into the canter, can use some more attention. Practice working through fear, stress, and anxiety I can jump like a real girl now! Again, another area th