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A nice, 19 day hiatus

14 of which passed without sitting on a horse. What a pity. I have recently been swamped with home work and regular work and barn work and was only able to write today because of a snow day. You know, I was so confident that spring was going to come, but we were hit with 4" of snow last night. Mother Nature, this is getting ridiculous. The weather man said that it would start to warm up permanently but next week, but I'm almost convinced that the Independence Day forecast will include a high of -12°F. After going two weeks without riding, I finally got frustrated enough to ride on a Sunday. I honestly hate riding on Sundays. It's the day that I clean the pasture then go to work and perhaps do some homework when I get home, but that usually ends up turning into Netflix with a math book on my lap. It's my relaxation day. I don't like thinking about leads and diagonals and strides on a Sunday (which is ironic considering that, when I started riding, my lessons were

"Warm" nights have returned!

I must be overly hopeful for spring. Yes, I am overly hopeful. It was warm enough yesterday evening that I had to remove my jacket and roll up my sleeves during my ride. The forecast is calling for a high of 57ºF tomorrow for the show, which makes me happy. Playing photographer for a day becomes just that little bit better when the weather is nice. I'm thinking that all the classes will be moved indoors again due to the fact that the forecast for today is calling for rain.The weather was not nice walking to the bus this morning. Strong winds and ominous clouds are never a good sign. I'm preparing for another lengthy day. I pray the medal finals do not take long. So, last night, we rode later in the day, and I managed to get to my lesson after having to ask a series of people for rides only to have my mom take me in the end. For the first time in a long time, everyone who rides in the advanced group was there. Cas, Syd, Shelby, Izz, Fifi, and me, all six of us, in the indoor a

That wasn't my best idea

With the impending and often intimidating show season rearing its ugly yet elegant head into my view, I decided to push it into my peripherals and take a nice relaxing ride yesterday evening. Baby was feeling up to it; she actually took her head away from her food to greet me. I brushed her off loose in the stall because by that point she had resumed gorging herself. Man was she shedding! The weather has been so up and down the past few weeks, but horses can't just turn their shedding on and off, so everyone is letting their hairs go already. I must give a shout out to my respiratory system for not giving up on me after all this time. I was going bareback in a halter, but a while ago, Miss S got brand new halters and lead ropes. The new lead ropes are very short. A single one would not make sufficient reins, so I borrowed the one from Chess's halter and made myself a nice pair of split reins. Innovation at its finest! I was riding with Fifi that night. Being as aware as she