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Favorites of 2020

Favorite show picture Favorite non-show picture Favorite thing you bought Breastplate! Favorite moment on horseback No picture, but Liberty giving me a nice canter always makes me feel like I'm on the top of the world. Favorite moment out of the saddle Look at this moth I found. Favorite “between the ears” picture I'm about to take this one out of these annual posts because I just do not take between the ears photos anymore, lol. Here's a favorite from several years ago. Favorite horse book or article I have a couple enjoyable ones. Horse people had a lot to learn this year. 8 Ways to Lose Money Fast in Your Horse Business So You Want To Be An Ally How to Handle Mistakes In Riding Favorite horse ridden (or groomed/cared for) aside from your own Favorite funny picture of your horse Fun Fact: Blackjack had his jaw broken when he was a youngster, and now he drools profusely. Favorite fence that you successfully jumped or movement that you conquered Haven't really jumped or

2121 Vision

There's a lot I could say about 2020. There's a lot everyone could say about 2020. We're in the middle of interesting times (or "trying times" as every sappy Hulu advertisement likes to say). This year has been different for me, in good ways and bad ways. I'm still adjusting to being on my own for the first time. I miss Maryland probably every other day at this point. I got through my first year of grad school without any complications. Although, the second year might not progress the same. I lost my horse. It's the first time I've been through something like that, and it hurt in ways that I don't want to repeat. If I'm being totally honest, my life had a consistent downward spiral after losing Lucie. I couldn't get back on a roll with blogging, despite having so many things I wanted to pursue. I was super excited to start my thesis, but then the semester became incredibly overwhelming and left my research under developed. A lot of my work

Lady Liberty

Two thumbs up for anyone who read the title and didn't think this was going to be another political post. Several months ago (like over the summer, that's how long ago), I took a lesson on one of Trainer G's lesson horses, Liberty. It was a jumping lesson, and boy oh boy was it exciting. Starting off, it was an accidental semi-private because the other adult amateur who was supposed to have a lesson right before me ended up pulling in at the same time as me. Whoops, no biggie though, we both know how to keep our space. I walked and trot Liberty around no biggie. She's actually very fun to flat because she's so straightforward. Notice how I said we walked and trot around. No mention of canter. Remember that. Rare photo of Liberty standing straight on the crossties . . . When it got to jumping, the crazy came out. Liberty is bred for performance. In her spare time, she teaches little kids how to post and also barrel races like an absolute beast. Naturally, jumping her

Where Black Friday meets Crippling Anxiety

Hey, hi, hello, it's me, crawling out of my grad school dungeon for a moment before my thesis has me back in its icy grip. It's been an interesting semester to say the least. The thing that disappointed me the most was honestly not being able to put as much time into my thesis as desired. Fortunately, I have been able to somewhat keep up with riding. I'm probably averaging every other week, but now that my classes are done, I'll be back up to twice a week sometime soon. Because Trainer G is still down one lesson horse and often uses Blackjack for the beginners, I'm allowed to ride Liberty whenever the big man isn't available. I've still yet to formally introduce her here, and at this point it's just gonna be a chronical post. Bear with me. In the mean time, I did make some Black Friday purchases. Fun fact about me: I hate spending money. I have bad anxiety about finances and was having a very hard time up until recently. I've never been a big spender