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(Mis)Adventures in Leasing - Part 6

Yeah. We're doing this again. One of the dilemmas for me as the move approached was trying to figure out what I wanted to do horse wise. It was a minor dilemma until all the big dilemmas were settled, and then it became the only thing on my mind. Unfortunately, I became so overwhelmed with the thought of driving to a new place that I sat around for days and refused to contact anyone. I'm a real, grown, well adjusted, adult human woman. I promise. On the bright side, I came into this leasing adventure with a more solid idea about my budget, both time and money wise. I posted in some FB groups and straight up asked for a not fancy cheap or free lease because I have no intentions of showing or doing anything too serious while I'm still in school. Of course, I did get people recommending show stables . . . and an offer that was almost the cost of my rent . . . and another one that was well beyond my rent . . . but that's life, eh? After many PMs, comments, searc

30 Days, 30 Lessons

What I've learned in my first month of Miami life: 1. Everything is expensive 2. There are more lizards here than people 3. It's always hot 4. It's always humid 5. If it not hot and humid, it's rainy and humid 6. If it's not hot and humid OR rainy and humid, then there is probably a dark cloud off in the distance that's about to make things rainy and humid 7. All of those weather situations happen at least three times per day One of the very rare times that it didn't rain on my walk home 8. It is impossible to dress for the weather. You will always be drenched in sweat or rain. 9. If you hear a faint scratching in the middle of the night, it could be a roach 10. Sometimes the scratching is actually a lizard 11. For anyone who cares to know, the urban fabric is horrendous 12. Taking pictures of Orb Weavers is somewhat therapeutic 13. The human knee is an absolute disaster of a joint 14. I-95 is an absolute disaster of a road 15. Matter of fact,