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You can call me T. A. Eyo ¥.

I'm just your average horse obsessed nerd. I've loved horses ever since I was little; the very first horse I ever sat on was on old pony mare named Gracie. Needless to say, I was hooked.

For a short amount of time, I lost interest in horses, but that interest was re-sparked in 6th grade by a good friend of mine who took lessons. For two years, I begged my dad to let me ride, and at the age of 13 my career began. My first lesson was in April on a mare named April. I spent most of my time doing hunters and equitation at this barn, riding and competing for a little over four years. It was my home away from home.

Since aging out of juniors, I've been throwing my leg over whatever I can get to. I've dabbled in Dressage and Eventing, but jumping is my true passion, and perhaps you will see me in the jumper ring sometime soon. My big dream is just like everyone else's: Olympics and become a trainer. We'll see if that happens.

The Blog

This site came to be in 2013 as a way for me to track my progress. It's grown greatly since then become more formal in some ways and more relaxed in others. While my riding is the biggest topic of this blog, I also post about equestrian fashion, architecture, fitness, and the general struggles of being a young adult in this world. A handful of my favorite topics are linked below, but you can find all of them on the sidebar.

I also label my posts based on the horse I ride/work with, so feel free to browse!


Affiliate Disclosure

Much of my equestrian journey has revolved around the interesting products, ideas, and deals that I come across. When I share these finds, sometimes I use affiliate links which I earn a commission from if you decide to purchase a product that I've shared. Currently, I am an affiliate with Breeches/JPC and Etsy as they both reflect my personal values and interests.

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