Fashion Thursday: Crown Me King & Queen

This was supposed to fit under the category of "Edgy Equestrian", but, considering the fact that I didn't place in the contest, I think I missed the mark. With that to consider, I guess that means that this outfit is normal and therefore completely acceptable for general riding situations including show schooling and clinics. Miss J would say otherwise.

Crown Me King & Queen

1. Roeckl Sports 2-Tone Chester Glove
2. Secret PonPon Leather Belt
3. Rayban Mirror Aviator Sunglasses
4. The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Front Zip
5. Professionals Choice English Crown Spurs
6. Horse & Style I Heart T.K. Scoop Neck Tee
7. GPA Speed Air Riding Helmet
8. Busse Glitter Grip Dressage Whip
9. Gloockler Royal Fur Saddlepad
10. Petrie Sportive Tall Boot
11. HKM Diamonds Boot Set (set of 4)
12. HKM Soft Ice Ear Bonnet


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