My awesome jumps are still tastefully offensive

That's probably due to the fact that I'd rather set up a jumper style course when everyone at my barn does hunters or equitation. In my defense, equitation is just jumpers but slower. Same techniques, right?

Corbinator could do the jumpers, puddle jumpers that is, I'm fragile
With the warmer weather finally showing up, both outdoor rings have been plowed and drug, and the big outdoor needs a new course for this year. Other than two outside lines of some sort, we don't follow any patterns in set up. I think we should get a little bit more unorthodox with it this year.

um, no
Even better
omg, yes, rollback central
I'm 'bout that bending line life
Please let the equitation gods bless me for I am ready
And, of course, my ideal set up with some changes to make the two outside lines.

All I need in life . . . well, this plus a soft leg
But then comes to task of convincing Miss S to let me go about my shenanigans. We might be able to set up something on Saturday, depending on who's pastured in the arena, who's at the barn to help, how long the big pasture takes me to clean, weather, the possibility of two rides, yadda, yadda, yadda. Winter doesn't seem nearly as hectic.


  1. haha i like your ambition. i always have grand plans for setting courses... but then the reality of hauling around standards and poles and fill sets in and.... yeaahhhhh nope haha

    1. Heh, yeah, I'll move poles but the minute I have to adjust a standard, I just plop down in defeat.


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