One good thing about school starting soon

Like most teenagers, I am not very happy about going back to school, especially since I'm a senior this year and have college looming in the distance.

Despite the tragedy that will fill the next nine months, I am actually excited about one of my classes: Computer Aided Drafting & Design, otherwise known as CADD. It's basically architecture class, or at least that's how I describe it before people ask, "What does that mean?" We learn how to do all that house design stuff and model mechanical parts. It's a fun class, but that's mostly because I don't talk at all and just sit and add various items to my growing and perhaps oversized portfolio.

Anyway, back when I was first designing and was mostly self-taught, I completely failed at doing houses, so I tried my hand at barns, which were still horrible, but they were slightly better than the houses, so I kept them. I have over 100 plans, but they all need to be adjusted in some way before they could be well functioning stables. I guess when I made all those plans, I was fond of the idea of having living quarters in the barn, but, again, I was horrible at doing houses, so the paper would have some intricate patchwork of a barn, then a blank space that said "Living Quarters" and had the square footage beneath it. Yes, very build able.

I've picked out two plans to fix this year with my main focus being on the one that looks like a mansion (I was fond of designing barns that looked like houses, too). The other is already in nice shape and only requires minor adjustments, but the mansion is looking like a diamond in the rough. If I get frustrated, oh well; I've got lots more plans in my head that I'd rather put to paper, but I'm hoping that doesn't happen. Both plans would look nice in college or job interviews.

The not so great one
Not so great elevation
The not so bad elevations
The not so bad one
College Park, take note.


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