That's . . . interesting.

You know, I usually come across new brands while browsing through Pinterest, but Polyvore user High-Standards has introduced me to something new: GhoDho. The brand was founded by Isheeta Dabawala, an avid equestrian with a creative eye when it comes to fashion. The name of the company reflects her Indian roots; "GhoDho" is the Hindu word for horse. From their website:
“I have always wanted to find breeches I can wear in and out of the stables,” said Isheeta. “I was inspired to create GhoDho, because I really felt that the equestrian market was lacking in modern clothing for young riders. It was important to create a breech that is practical, affordable, and fashionable.”
Based on looks alone, I think she hit the nail on the head.

Yes, they're eccentric. I've actually had some trouble matching these breeches. The Black Principle (black shirt, black belt, black boots) doesn't work too well here; these breeches have weakened my set game, but, I still like the look of them. I think Dabawala has done the best job of creating a breech that crosses over easily from the barn to the streets. Maybe it's the crocodile knee patches or intricate stitching.

All the breeches are priced at $125, which isn't half bad for something that'll stand out whether you're at the barn, walking through the mall, or getting 10 five packs of ramen from WalMart (we've all been there). If you have a chance, check 'em out. When my Equine Coutures finally wear out, I'll hopefully have enough to get the Luna breech. That golden knee patch speaks to me in more ways than one.

If you happen to have a pair, are the GhoDhos a GhoNo?


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