Fashion Thursday: First IHSA Show

I am an absolute genius. Instead of leaving my white show shirt open to the elements, I put a nice, white sweater over it. Genius. Smartest thing I've ever done.

All sarcasm aside, I did receive my SwigSweg Leg sweater a couple of weeks ago, and the fit is perfect. For reference, I am 5'5" with average upper body proportions (I think 32" chest and 29" waist), and I got the youth x-large.

First IHSA Show

1. Equine Couture Ingate Shirt
2. J.Crew Relaxed Wool Sweatpant
3. Anne Klein Gray Glass Pearl Earring
4. Brooks Brothers white belt
    no longer available
5. SwigSweg Leg Sweater Youth
6. Ariat Heritage Contour Field Boot
7. IRH Elite Extreme Riding Helmet
8. Shire's Oakland Side-Zip Show Breech


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