"Rustic Barn" Barn Layout

Okay, I actually got fortunate with this one and found the actual, original image files in the depths of my mom's old laptop. They look 1000x better than the scan of the printed image. I never knew pixels could be so pain inducing.

This one was based off of a barn I saw on the forum (and wow, this place got a major update) a loooooong time ago (I'm talking years). As I recall, it was a beautiful barn, quite rustic with it's gambrel roof and dark wood siding. It was large, too, and somewhat high end.

Anyway, not the point here. I actually loved the look of the barn because while it was upscale, it was practical, and there's nothing I love more than seeing functional luxury.

So, here's the full plan. The detailed views are following.

So, here's the barn, first floor and second floor. The roof is two gambrels that cross right through each other, so vertical space is pretty good. The biggest change I would make is to the stall sizes. Literally everything except the foaling stalls should just be 12' x 12' to make things easier. This is a bit extra right now. I would also close off the grain room from the hay and let the hay be open on the aisle side. Above it would be open to the loft, and of course the ladder would need to be re-positioned, but that's an easy fix. Other than that, the general layout if nice to me and has good flow. I should also design the living quarters, but meh.

The arena is pretty straightforward. I think with this size I can fit a small Dressage ring in there, too. 80' is actually a preferred width for me. Large enough for Dressage, small enough to make you work when you jump. Always design with the inhabitant in mind.

Style: Gambrel
    (4) 12' x 14' Stall
    (4) 14' x 18' Stall
    (4) 12' x 20' Stall
    (1) 12' x 14' Wash Stall
Tack: 14' x 20'
Feed: 12' x 14' (Hay) & 12' x 20' (Grain)
Width: 150'
Depth: 148'


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