Big, Fast Baby Romeo

Big Baby Romeo finally realized that those long ass legs can actually cover some ground. Unfortunately, I was still in some pretty serious pain from my Thursday workout. I tried to half halt; I really did, but jello thighs don't quite get the job done.

Coach S was out so Coach P stepped in to teach us for the evening. It started with an intense warm-up. Posting trot, sitting trot, posting without stirrups, sitting without stirrups, two point with one stirrup, and canter. Honestly, when she told us to drop our inside stirrup, I gave her some kinda look cause I ain't never heard that in my life.

Romeo was like half there when we cantered. He did the three warm-up fences really nice, but once we put the course together, he was zooming. On the bright side, we didn't refuse anything or have any fall outs (minus that really long distance to the sunshine jump). It was a decent ride.


  1. Yeah I've seriously never heard that but am intrigued and now want to try it.

  2. i've had trainers tell me to drop my *outside* stirrup to get a better inside leg to outside hand thing happening... but never heard to just drop the inside. inneresting!

    1. It's a strange feeling, for sure. Like, am I balanced? Is this supposed to be happening???


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