And finally Saturday

Yesterday, I took a ride on Zoey after cleaning the pasture, and man did she impress me.

I started my ride with trying to get her to relax when I put my leg on, which was something that she wasn't too keen on doing during our last ride. She settled much quicker than last time. I walked a few steps then asked for the trot and kept the transition slow to keep her from getting riled. She stepped into it not as crazily as she usually does, but then she settled right down in less than a lap. She was so together and laid back that I just dropped my reins and she went along, so long as I told her where to go (and if I didn't tell her she went to where the food was).

Cantering was different. I'm taking a new approach with it. Miss S said that when Zoey would buck or kick out at the canter, she'd push Zoey through it, so that's what I did this time. We were going to the left, and she picked up the wrong lead, but I just kept her going, through every corner, in a circle, wherever I wanted, and I pushed her forward until she settled. It took a bit, but she did it. Of course, then she didn't want to pick up the left lead at all, and that took a good three or four tries, but it was a start.

Unfortunately, this will either be my absolute last ride on Zoey or we'll be taking another hiatus. She was off again in that same foot, and I don't think Miss S really wants to keep her riding sound. I'm so happy about her progress, and maybe the person who buys her will be willing to baby that right foot of hers, but that's up to them. She'd be awesome, but not everyone wants a show pony.


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