Thank you for 5,000 views!

We've hit milestone with this little, baby blog: 5,000 views! Whoop whoop! Thank you to all my viewers, whether you're a regular reader or if you just stopped in to look at a picture (I will get you addicted to this blog eventually), all the views are greatly appreciated.

I started this blog on a whim, and I wasn't very into it at first, but I spend everyday thinking of new things to post (and coming up with minimal ideas because my creativity levels kind of plummeted once I got into high school). I've grown to love blogging, and I've grown to love other blogs (for example, Viva Carlos, The $900 Facebook Pony, Auf Der Autobahn, and Fly On Over who you should check out if you know what's good for you). Documenting my own adventures while also following those of others has been so immensely educational and, often times, fucking hilarious. Fortunately, I save my worst jokes for lunch table conversations and when I text Fifi.

Again, thank you! I appreciate all the support, and I hope to have more to offer from this blog in the future (giveaway???). Happy blogging!


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