Halfway there

I've (almost) completed the first of the two barns that I was planning on revamping this year. The barns themselves have been put on the back burner since I'm less likely to get class points from them, but I should be able to finish both and still have time for a third. If you've been eying a picture of a stable or even a building that would make a nice barn, leave a link in the comments. I need something to occupy my time with.
Bird's Eye View
I redid the better designed one first because I knew that would be easier. I ended up adding maybe five stalls. I took out all the unnecessary storage rooms. One was made smaller and became a feed room while the other was turned into a laundry and mechanical room. The 20' wide aisles were narrowed to 16'. The wash racks were also made a more reasonable size, and the tack room was morphed and closed off from the elements. There is a hay loft over the east aisle with an access ladder in the feed room and a hay door is placed above the main aisle entrance. To be fair, the shed on the west side could be used to store hay (and would probably be more convenient), but the shed was designed as a space to keep large equipment, shavings, or perhaps a large stock of grain.

Front Elevation
Ever since I made this plan many years ago, it has been one of my favorites. The facade is welcoming, and, at this point, if everything works out the way I want it to, this is likely to be my future barn. That had a serious impact as I was redesigning. The wider aisles are to accommodate more barn traffic. The main aisle on the east side would be designated for school horses while the nine remaining stalls would be for boarders (precisely the reason why I had exactly nine tack lockers). At some point I hope to have a foal born at my barn so the removable partition can actually be used, but there's no guarantee. I guess I'll just have two extra stalls.

A hinged stall partition by Röwer Rüb


  1. uh yeah lol would you like to draw up a multi ring show facility? that's my dream, love the work you are doing, what program?

    1. I might actually try that. The other barn I want to do is looking too difficult. I used Revit 2015 for this one.


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