My current obsession: Peter Pan Sweaters

I've never known myself to be mainstream except on rare occasions, but modern fashion has gifted my eyes with something new and unique: the Peter Pan collar. I think it looks exceptionally chic on shirts, sweaters, and shirt/sweaters (shweaters? swirts?), so I've started to integrate them into my Polyvore sets. Equestrian style has be turned into everyday wear. Why not turn everyday wear into equestrian fashion?

When winter and fall set in, the general style that I find in riding outfits is a pullover with a button down underneath. It's cute, it's preppy, and it can be personalized easily, but it gets boring after a while. I hate getting repetitive with my sets; this is one of the reasons why I look for new brands and styles. Fortunately, the Peter Pan collar has come along to be my savior this season. The great thing about this style is that, depending on the individual details, they can be worn alone or layered. Even with a thermal underneath, so long as the sweater/shirt has a higher collar (and there is some variety), the lower layers won't show.

Another great thing about these sweaters is the differences in the collars themselves. Most have the same general shape, but they can either be printed on the shirt or hang off, they can be lace, they can have pearls, they can have sequin, they can contrast; there's a whole world of opportunities with them.

Since the trend is new and hasn't completely caught on, the current selection is slim (or I'm super picky). I'm hoping to find some more products in the right format so they can be more convenient on Polyvore 'cause these are some cute sweaters.

Peter Pan & Palm EarringsCute Collared SweaterEncased in Caramel


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